Nov 7, 2011

Kick It!

Ok, I've just earned a big ol' FAIL on my blog...I set this post up Thursday, and then forgot to post it! So here's a little bit about Isabel's release from last weekend...a few days later than intended!

Crisdam Designs has a new kit today called Kick It.  I used to play soccer as a kid and this kit brought me right back to those days. I decided to leave myself out of the picture (literally and figurativly) for this page and focus instead on my soccer playing dog.

She would rather chase the soccer ball than a tennis ball and has "loved" this one so long that it can't hold air anymore. But if she can find someone to kick the ball for her, she is in heaven. It's funny, I had never seen a dog do this until shortly before we picked Stella out. There was a dog who lived with Stella's mom that did the same thing...this dog would actually drop the ball repeatedly at your feet until you played with her.  Still makes me think of that dog whenever I watch our Stella nose the ball around by herself.

No more new releases for my designers this weekend, BUT I have some shopping to do! I have wish lists set up at all my favorite shops, but still have to whittle them down to a manageable amount (both $$-wise and time-wise) because time and money are valuable resources! Maybe I'll come back and show off my purchases later...whenever I'm able to make up my mind!

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