Nov 7, 2011

Super Secret Surprise Revealed!!!

Surprise! See over there --->

On the right where I list my creative teams?  There's a new blinkie there!  For the month of October, I was part of a super team of ladies working to create the sample layouts for the 2012 Log Your Memory Challenge book, and today we get to spill the beans on our involvement.

I have been a part of LYM for the past year, and discovered the Logbook, challenges, and sight in about July 2009.  I can't even remember how I found my way to the website, but I loved the idea of capturing real, everyday moments.  That's ultimately why I remember the everyday!

I can't reveal the pages I made for the Logbook yet, but I do have a page I made for next week's challenge (Week 46).  I won't mention that I scrambled to put it together Saturday night, thinking I was late posting it as they are due on Thursdays, only to find that week 46 is NEXT week, not this week.  Not sure how I pulled that off, since the calendar I write all my scrap deadlines in was published by LYM and has the weeks number.  But in the end it worked out! I was ahead of schedule this week, and get to share a page with this fantastic announcement!
Kit: Snapshots by Karen Lewis
Stamped Alpha: Block Stamp Alpha by Geek Chic Scraps
Template: Just Journaling Vol 2 by Jen C Designs

If you have been thinking about joining in on the LYM challenges next year, or using a Logbook to record your everyday memories and activities, now is the perfect time to pick one up, with a special 15% off discount! This discount expires 11/14, so use the code while it's still good!

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Image is linked to the LYM shop

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