Jun 29, 2010

Blog train with TWO KITS!!!

There is a blog train starting June 30th and going until July 4th.  The designers at My Life & Scrap put together TWO great kits for this little party!  Follow the links below to find the kits and enjoy! Also, MLAS is having a storewide sale from July 1-7, stop in and stock up!

@Jacquies - http://wa-jacquie.blogspot.com/

Samceline Design- http://www.samceline.de/
Rebecca B - http://rebeccabdigiscrapper.blogspot.com/
Kate's Digital Designs - http://katesdigitaldesigns.blogspot.com/
Z Pink Boudoir - http://zpinkboudoir.info/
JK Creations - http://jollykidscreations.com/
ScrapElf - http://scrapelf.com/blog
Crafty Bits 'n Battleships - http://craftybitsandbattleships.blogspot.com/
Jamie Dell - http://jamiedellscraps.blogspot.com/
Miss Mis Designs - http://missmisdesigns.blogspot.com/
Rucola Designs - http://rucoladesigns.blogspot.com/
Karen Wallace Designs - http://karen9417.blogspot.com/
Karen Wallace Designs - http://confessionsofadigiholic.blogspot.com/
Designs by Amanda - http://amandahlavacek.blogspot.com/
Tempus Fugit - http://tempusfug.blogspot.com/
Jusme Digital - http://mylifeandscrap.com/blog

Jun 27, 2010

Explorer, Sweet Baby, and All Played Out

I've been busy scrapping this week, participating in two speed scraps and a challenge. The first was at GottaPixel on Friday night.  The second was at My Life & Scrap on Saturday night.  I stayed up until midnight finishing the layout for the MLAS scrap, but it was a lot of fun. The challenge was to use a given mix of supplies, the mix was determined by my age and birthday I like speed scraps and challenges a lot because they force me out of my comfort zone and I usually end up creating pages I love, and sometimes pages that I wouldn't have put together on my own.

Explorer: Papers, string, button, and alpha: Just Imagine by Connie Prince. Paper star and star brad: Weekender Series: Rolling Above by Laura Burger. Bead Scatter by Ella Bella Scraps

Sweet Boy: Papers, ribbon, rickrack, and button from Turtletastic by Jaime Dell Scraps. Star and string from Dream On by Sweet Tomato Designs. Stitched border from All Star by Litabells Designs. Word Art from Word Art World.

All Played Out:  Template: Katie Pertiet. Wide stripe paper and doodled journal block by Jaime Dell Scraps (Turtletastic). Narrow green stripe by Crystal Wilkerson (Sweet Summertime add-on). Flower doodles by Lorie M Designs. Word Art by Jennifer (Word Art World).

Jun 24, 2010

Boogie Beach Bash! and John's Baby Album

Ok, no we have not spent time at the beach recently.  But I have been playing with this great beach themed kit and some photos of Maggie.  I'm pretty happy with both layouts.  I love, love, love the sand elements, and had to use both of them!  The colors are so bold and bright that I can see using this kit on lots of summer pages this year!
Kit: Boogie Beach Bash by Jaime Dell Scraps

I also made this layout for John's baby album, using some of my favorite photos of him and Scott from the early days.  I won this template yesterday from Design House Digitals by leaving a comment on their blog last week! How easy was that! And I love the template...there is a lot of versatility, with using both pages, only one side, or cropping it down the center.  Should get lots of use out of this one!
Template: Tiffany Tillman "Lefty Righty No. 5"
Kits: Sweet Tomato Designs "Prince" and "Dream On"

Also on today's scrapping "chore" list was to fix some layouts for John's baby album.  I had created a few pages (that are all posted in older posts here) that I also wanted to use in his baby book...BUT...I want the pages in his book to all match in color schemes, so the ones with red backgrounds and such have to be altered to fit into his book.  Since I've had 2.5 hours now that he's been napping, I finally found the time, and have whittled my list of layouts to change down to two!  Yea for feeling caught up.  I'm not going to post those layouts here, but may do some kind of post when I finish the whole album (though that will be at least 6 months from now...as long as I stay caught up!  (HA!  Not likely!)

Jun 23, 2010

Turtletastic Layouts

Because I started on the MLAS Spirit Squad in the middle of the month, I only have one designer this month. My designer is Jaime Dell Scraps. I am absolutely loving her kit Turtletastic.  The first layout I made didn't use the turtles, because they just didn't fit with the overall feel of the layout...but they are so stinking cute, I just HAD to fit them into the second layout.  The first layout did double duty for me, fitting the criteria for the third birthday challenge at jessicasprague.com, and the font challenge at My Life & Scrap.  I love when my layouts work harder than I do! I have wanted to scrap the photos in the second layout for a while, but haven't figured out what to do with them. The frame in the kit was just perfect, and I loved making those little turtles walk all over them. :) 

Now since I've made two layouts for Johnny, I had better make a couple for Maggie.  Those should be up in a few days, also with a kit from Jaime Dell Scraps!

Kit for both layouts: Turtletastic by Jaime Dell Scraps

Jun 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To all the Dad's out there (who probably don't read this blog) a big Happy Father's Day to you all!  My husband is out of town today, so I whipped up this layout using the template from day 2 of the birthday challenges at JessicaSprague.com and posted it on his facebook page so he'll see it when he checks in later today. 

Template: LivE
Kit: Connie Prince "Just Imagine" (papers, flowers, washer and alpha)
Fonts: Century Gothic and Pea Hunny

Jun 19, 2010

Big News!

Phew! This should be the last post for tonight.  Yes, I could have made all three of tonight's posts in one, but I like having one layout per post...makes it easier to focus I think.

So on to my news...

I was accepted to the Spirit Squad at My Life & Scrap!  I am so excited!  When Jessica Sprague did her CT call in April, I decided I wanted to be a part of a team like that. I didn't make it at JS.com, but continued trying.  I built up my galleries, and last week I applied to a couple CTs (I didn't want to apply just to apply, so watched for calls that I thought would fit my style of scrapping)...and heard back from MLAS that I made it!  I have been playing at their website this week, and am really enjoying it.  It's the same site where I participated in the Speed Scrap last night, and I can't wait to explore and meet more people in their community.  I'll still be hanging out at JS because I love it there too...but I figured it was time to branch out! 

Birthday Challenge #1

It's birthday weekend at JessicaSprague.com, which means THREE challenges, one each day!  The first challenge was to use birthday pictures, including at least one that would not otherwise be used, and something from the party as an element.  All of these pictures are ones I wouldn't necessarily have scrapped, but they were all I had.  The closest thing to an element from the party I had was a picture of the cake, with its falling off frosting (not my best effort there).

For the papers, I used pieces from the MEGA kit available this weekend only as part of the blog hop put on by Jessica's designers and CT members.  It is a HUGE kit, and along with all the kits and quick pages (33 blog stops in all!) there is also a quote challenge.

Papers and "You are awesome" element from LivE. "You are" and pattern brush by Queen of Quirk.
Fonts: Bleeding Cowboys and Alfredo Heavy.

Stacked Challenge

I have been checking out other digi websites online, just to add to the challenges that I participate in. I find I get more layouts done if I have a challenge or other purpose behind completing them, since I don't have a local group to crop with.  I found a stacked challenge at gottapixel.com.  The challenge is to use a template to create a cluster of stacked elements on a page. I have to admit...this is not something I am very good at. I find I use minimal elements on any given page, so this was a fun challenge.  It also gave me a chance to use another new kit, and take pictures of Maggie in her hunt for ladybugs.

All papers and elements by Connie Prince from "Just Imagine"
Template: All Stacked Up June Challenge by Rachel at Captivated Visions

Jun 18, 2010

Well, hi!

This line from Finding Nemo has been heard many times in my house this week thanks to a dear friend.  I thought it made for a fitting title for this layout I made during a speed scrap. Normally a speed scrap takes as much as two hours, one hour to get all the instructions in 10 minute increments, and another hour to put the final touches on the layout and upload.  Johnny decided that I didn't need that much time though, and before he was asleep, the first hour was completely up, all the instructions were posted, and I was down to one hour to work.  I got the layout done with 10 minutes to spare, but would have liked a little more time to find a better fitting kit.  Oh well, this one is new to me and I haven't used it much.

The journaling reads, "As Johnny lay on the couch one afternoon in May, Stella decided she also needed to sit on the couch. At first, Johnny didn’t notice the dog settling above his head. When he did, his eyes went wide and he spent a good long while staring at her, as if trying to figure out if the beast at his head was a threat or a game. He soon decided she was ok, and went back to scanning the whole room for action. These two are fast becoming best friends!"

All supplies by Rebecca B from Ruffy Saurus Romp at My Life & Scrap
Font: VT Portable Remington

Jun 16, 2010


I went "shopping" for some new supplies this week.  I wanted to find some things that were outside the usual colors and style that I normally go for. I found this dino kit and fell in love!  I love the bright colors and the drawn dinos, and while this isn't the photo I had originally intended for the layout, I think it fits very well (perhaps better than the photo I was going to use). However, I will confess that of my purchases this week, this is one of the few kits that was outside my usual color scheme.  Lots of blues and browns went into my carts at the various sites...but I justified it because I found everything on sale and didn't pay more than $1 for a single pack.

All RAWR supplies (papers, alpha, and elements) by Rebecca B "Ruffy Saurus Romp"
Font: VT Portable Remington

Jun 14, 2010

All-American Angel

This is one of my favorite pictures of Maggie from 2004. At least I think it was 2004.  But I absolutely love the look on her face and her excitement at having found her Halloween costume in July.  I found this kit online and immediately thought of this picture.

Supplies: All papers, frame, heart, and ric-rack by Karen Funk Designs -- All American mini kit.  It's a freebie on her blog right now.  Love it!!

Fonts:  One Fell Swoop, VT Portable Remington

Jun 11, 2010

Catchin' up on Photoshop Friday layouts

Every week at JessicaSprague.com, there is a quick tutorial for sale for $1 if you buy it between Wednesday and Friday. Each tutorial teaches one specific technique that can be used to enhance pages. So far, the techniques had been review of things taught in Jessica's photoshop class trio, but it is nice to have the refresher, and in some cases she teaches tricks that weren't in the classes (unless I just sped by them in the class). 

I have two more PSF layouts to do to catchup on. One is finished, I'm just trying to decide if I am using it for this week's weekly challenge or not, and the other I haven't even started on -- have to get some photo inspiration!

Templates for both layouts from Jessica Sprague Photoshop Friday series (Birthday = #3, Popsicle = #5). Papers for both layouts from ScrapMatter's collab kit "Life's Little Surprises."  Font on Birthday is Georgia. Font on Popsicle is Pea KT Polkie Dot.

Jun 10, 2010

Another wedding page--but not mine!

I love this kit so much I had to use it again! My grandparents are celebrating 60 years of marriage this summer. I made this page in honor of that commitment and the family they have made. I love the little picture of them dancing at their reception.  I had to restore it, as I took a photo of a pic my mom had -- it was tiny and folded, so I am pleased with the results.  I wish I had a newer picture of them together, as the "recent" photo I used is still five or six years old, but it works! 

Supplies: All papers, frames, and "love" elements by Deena Rutter (Heirloom kit)
Fonts: Edwardian Script, One Fell Swoop

Jun 7, 2010

A Story of Flowers

I saw a layout today about planting flowers in memory of the author's father.  It made me think about the flowers that I have left for my childhood neighbors, and led to this layout.  Thanks to that inspiration, I have a two-fold benefit -- this story has been told, and I am one layout closer to actually finishing the Type+Writer layouts from this Spring.  I just wish I had a picture of me with the Johnsons that I could use in the layout.  Flowers from my mom's garden will have to do for now though. :-)

I also used a kit from Deena Rutter that is free at persnicketyprints.com as part of a layout contest.  I am trying to decide if this will be the one I submit or if I will create something else with the kit.  I do love these colors!

Template from Type+Writer (Jessica Sprague)
Papers, flourishes, and felt flower from Heirloom kit (Scarbourough Fair add-on) at persnicketyprints.com (Deena Rutter)
Fonts: Century Gothic, MaSexy, Palatino Linotype.

Jun 6, 2010

Weekly Challenge - I Do

This week's challenge was inspired by the wedding season.  I still haven't finished (or hardly started) the album that will chronicle the story of my husband and me.  This challenge was nice because it got me thinking about that album again.  I really should go finish it, as I've only been married for nine years, and known the guy for 12! 

Template: Katie Pertiet Template Challenge 5-9-10

Papers: S Bartolini (Autobiography kit -- blue solid (duplicated and recolored), blue damask) Jessica Sprague (red damask)

Elements: Katie Pertiet (Heart Sticker, modified, from Digi in Deep)

Brushes: Anna Aspnes (Hipster Plume Korners N Edges No 6)

Fonts: VT Portable Remington, Yukon Gold, MaSexy

Jun 5, 2010

Speed Scrap

I participated in my first speed scrap this morning.  It was fun, but would have been more fun if the baby had taken a full nap so I could have relaxed a little while I played.  I did have fun and came up with this layout about my husband's ever present hobby.  (For a time it was so present that the bikes "lived" in the living room behind the couch because that was the only place we could agree to keep them!) I had hoped to also post my layout for the weekly challenge at JessicaSprague.com, but haven't had time to finish it yet.  I have the journaling done, and most of the elements on the page -- I'm even using a template, but I just can't get those last pieces to work together, so I"ll putz with it tomorrow and finish it up.  Johnny had a rough day, so it made it hard to be able to just sit and complete a project start to finish.  Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow!  Enjoy the weekend wherever you are.   We are having fabulous weather here, though it is supposed to be 81 tomorrow, so it could wind up being uncomfortable! 

Supplies used:
Papers: Red paper by Lisa Breuer (Jeff paper 1). Black paper by 300dpi (DCWV -- La Creme kit). Wood grain paper by Queen of Quirk (Knotty Girl paper 3).

Elements: Arrow tag by Crystal Wilkerson (Room Collection Elements). Paperclipped tag from SciFi kit by unknown (from Designsindigital.com’s NDIDDS competiton, but the designer’s name isn’t in the files!). Red pin by KitchsyDigitals (2010 NSD Freebie). Tag by Jessica Sprague. Stitching by Lizard Dau Designs (Rouge kit). Brad by Anna Aspnes (DesignerDigitals Help Haiti kit). Button by Sdeigns (Songbird Avenue’s PortauPrince kit).

Fonts: Copperplate Gothic Bold, PeaDaineMichael, Century Gothic.

Jun 3, 2010

Teacher Gifts

I found a link to a bookmark template and had to give it a try.  I like these because they cover the corner of the page and seem like they would be harder to lose one's spot with (I am always pulling my bookmarks out accidentally).

The template was only an outline with fold guides, meant to be used on traditional paper.  Because it was a bookmark, and the creator of the template warned about using too many embellishments on them (they do have to go INSIDE a book!), I turned it into a Photoshop template and have been cranking out the bookmarks since then.  The blue and brown one is for me, and the peach one is for my daughter's teacher.  I have made a third with more masculine elements for the teacher's husband who also helps out in the classroom.  Between the bookmarks, the hybrid can from my last post, and the Barnes & Noble gift card, we are set for teacher gifts!  (And I've had fun in the process!)