May 30, 2010

Hybrid Challenge - Tag!

This week's challenge at is a hybrid challenge.  I don't usually work in hybrid -- I'm either traditional or digi on any given project, so these really are a challenge for me.  (Part of my challenge is the tendency to stop midway through a project...I have several hybrid projects that are ready to be printed, but never get further.)  The challenge was to create a digi tag, print it, and use it.  Not wanting to pull out my traditional supplies to create a layout, and not having any pictures to put on said layout, I started thinking about other ways I could use a tag.

I realized we are getting ready to start the last week of school and I didn't have anything for my daughter's teachers.  Enter the challenge!  I created a digital canvas on which I put together the label and lid for this can.  I printed the label without the Thanks tag, then printed the tag and the lid, cut each piece out, used my handy Xyron sticker-maker (plus a few pop-dots) and put the whole thing together.  I wanted to do a summer reading theme, but didn't have time to make my own word art, and couldn't find any that had reading as the subject, so switched to a generic thank you. 

Now all I have to do is pick up a Barnes & Noble gift card tomorrow while I am doing the grocery shopping and we are all set! 

Papers by HRoselli (stripe), SClingerman (text), MCato (dots) from Take Flight collab at Sweet Shoppe Designs
Journaling Tag by MBennet from Take Flight collab at Sweet Shoppe Designs
Word Art by House of 3
Circle Journaler by Crystal Wilkerson from Room Collection Elements
Flowers from my stash -- bought at JoAnne's, but I don't know the manufacturer.

May 29, 2010

Beginnings of a Baby Album...

I decided it was time to start my son's baby album -- since he will be 5 months old in just over a week.  It's about time.  That's not to say I don't have any pages with him as the subject, but I bought several kits to use specifically on an album project.  So now comes the task of actually using them on pages about a baby.    I am being systematic about this, in that I have a list of layouts I want to include and am checking them off as they are created or reworked. So far I have created three new pages (a two-page spread and a single) and reworked a few other layouts to match the colors in the baby album. The single page is the beginning of the portion that will have layouts from his first month.  There isn't any text on it because the stories will be told on other pages.  I want to have a page like this for each month, and using the photo template made it very easy to throw together. The two pager will have to be added to as the year continues, but I should be able to finish about half of the planned pages over the next month (ha ha) simply because I already have pictures for them.

I love layouts like this.  Some people use stuffed animals to show growth, we're using our dog.  Mostly because we didn't have a stuffed animal that was bigger than Johnny, and Stella shouldn't be growing any this year (unless she is growing out!).  Looking at this layout again, I need to get out and take the May picture...May is almost over! 

John's First Month credits: Template: Jessica Sprague Photo Templates V01.  Papers: Paper 3 and 15 from RKDesigns (Bouncing Baby Boy). Buttons: by Sweet Tomato Designs (Prince).  Circle: by RKDesigns (Bouncing Baby Boy) (altered). Fonts: LainieDay and LLRubberGrotesque.

Watch Me Grow credits:  Papers: Blue Star and Numbers by Sweet Tomato Designs (Dream On). Border strips:: Sweet Tomato Designs (Dream On). Tag: Jessica Sprague (recolored). Metal alpha from ScrapMatters collab (Life’s Little Surprises). Stamped alpha by iKari (Going Green). Fonts: Pea Catherine Anne

May 26, 2010

On a personal note...

My son rolled over tonight!  He's 4 and a half months old and doesn't really like spending time on his tummy, so I had figured it would be a while before he was fully rolling.  But tonight, laying in his gym, he threw his feet around, and the rest of his body followed!  One arm stayed underneath him so he was able to flip himself over without problem.  The biggest part of this story is that I almost missed it.  I had my back to him, and if my husband hadn't spotted it, it would have gone completely unnoticed.

But I was busy. I had blogs to read.  :-P

May 24, 2010

Weekly Challenge - Week of 5/21/10

I finally finished my layout for the weekly challenge.  I had fun with this one, and spent a lot of time thinking about which "favorite" I would use.  I love these challenges, because if nothing else, I get one layout created a week! (And they are often layouts I wouldn't set out to create on my own.)  Have a great week! 


Template: Crystal Wilkerson Template 4
Papers: Striped, 2 polka dots, circles, diamond, solid green papers by Sweet Tomato Designs’ Prince kit. Paper used behind the green paper is from RKDesigns Bouncing Baby Boy kit (for texture)
Flower and Stitching by Sweet Tomator Designs (Prince Kit)
Coffee Stain by FRDesigns Ink kit
Fonts: Lainie Day and VTPortable Remington and Century Gothic

May 23, 2010

It's been a while...

...since I've taken the time to scrap this week. So there are no new pictures for this post.  I decided to take some time to hang out with hubby, and catch up on sleep, so the extent of my scrapbooking this week has been to unzip and tag a few more supplies that have been waiting on me, and to create a new blog background.  I was inspired to make mine a little brighter after seeing another blogger create her new summer background.  At least I can say I did a little scrapping this week, as I think that counts in the long run!  (Thanks for the inspiration, Barbara!)

I guess I did do a little creating this week, in the form of photo editing.  I finally took the plunge and started Jessica Sprague's Photo Editing: Good to Great Workflow class.  Let's just say, between this and the photography class that just ended, my pictures are gonna start looking fabulous (as long as I remember to edit them!  I'm a SOOC kind of girl...just don't usually take the time to tweak the photos!). 

May 15, 2010

Weekly Challenge

This week's challenge was a color challenge. Beyond using red, yellow, and beige, the parameters were very open.  One of the members at created a paper kit with a frame for use in the challenge.  Using that kit made the color part of the challenge a snap.  Recolored a few elements, and I was all set!

Credits: Paper and frame from Jeff kit by Lisa Breuer (Latz at
Baby Feet from Prince kit by Sweet Tomato Designs at
Text Path by Sherry Ferguson at
Button (recolored) from Autobiography kit by ScrapKitchen Designs at
Brush from Grunge Photoshop Brushes by InVogue
Fonts: Alfredo Heavy, PeaCatherineAnne, and SeeingStars

May 14, 2010

Photoshop Fridays

Photoshop Friday tutorials have resumed at, only they are available  on Wednesdays now!  Each week, a new tutorial is released as part of One Buck Wednesday, and is available at that great price until midnight (Eastern) on Friday, when it jumps to $3.99.  The first two PSF lessons have been fun. They are quick, simple tricks to help use more techniques in your digital scrapping.   Each tutorial comes with access to a video lesson, a template, the supplies needed to complete the layout, and a PDF instruction sheet that can be printed out for future reference.  The first technique is creating the interrupted outline frame around the photo block in the photo above.  The second technique is using a custom shape to mask a patterned paper. 

Supplies for "This Beautiful Girl": Paper: Jessica Sprague "In a Word". Template: Jessica Sprague. Fonts: MaSexy and Century Gothic.
Supplies for "The Next Generation Scrapper": Papers and template: Jessica Sprague. Fonts: Happy Daze and Georgia.

Last of the Week of Challenges

The end of the week of challenges was last weekend.  It was fun having a new challenge everyday, but I'll be honest, it's nice to feel like I can relax in the evening rather than be on a time crunch to finish a layout.  I've only done two layouts since the challenge ended, but I've also used the time to organize more of my stash (I'm not allowed to unzip any files unless I can tag them at the same time) and even went to bed early a couple nights!

I kept my last challenge entry pretty simple. The challenge was to use a photo with stairs.  Since I couldn't find any in my stash, I dragged the kids outside to take some.  Giant photo, a few outlines, couple stamps, and a title.  I really like the effect of switching from color to b&w and back as well as the blurred middle section.  Ooh, and my two favorite fonts.  (Or do I say that with all the fonts I use?)

Supplies used: Stamp: Stampin'Up Torn Edges.  Fonts: You are Loved and LainieDay.

For those of you keeping track, yes that was only five entries.  I never did go back and finish the challenge for day 1, nor did I complete day 7 (a hybrid card project).  I put day 7 together digitally, but never got up the motivation to get out of my chair, take the computer across the room, and hook it up to my printer.  Maybe I should get a wireless printer, then I'd have no more excuses.

And yes, there is no place like home.  There's no place like home. There's no place like...

May 7, 2010

7 Days in May

Each day this week, there has been a different challenge posted at  So far, I have played along every day except the first, when I had a splitting headache and couldn't find an ounce of creativity.  I still haven't gone back to complete that challenge, but have played each night since.

The challenge for day two included a set of free frames designed by LivE.  Did I mention that some of the challenges involve freebies?  I love freebies! :)    Using the freebie and a kit I just picked up last weekend, I put together this layout of my kids -- the first bottle for my son, given by my daughter.  Such a sweet moment, and I love the way this came together.  (Credits: Background Paper from Not Quite White pack by LivE at Accent papers (stars, blue solid, green dots by RKDesigns at "Bouncing Baby Boy." Clip and swirl from "Bouncing Baby Boy" by RKDesigns at Frame and title strip: 7Days in May freebie by LivE. Fonts: Segoe Print, PeaCatherineAnne.)

I'm not 100% happy with day three's layout yet and will probably continue to tweak it before I send it to print.  The challenge was to use a specific color scheme of green, orange, and red.  I didn't like it with the photo plain, so added the brush over the photo, but now I'm wondering if I wouldn't prefer to just crop the photo a little closer in and leave the coral brush off.  (Credits: Paper from Not Quite White by LivE at Brushes: Stamped Moments and Grungy Photo Frame from Katie Pertiet at Alpha by Katie Pertiet.)

Day four's layout was inspired by a layout I put together last weekend for an iNSD challenge.  The original layout used elements from the same kit, and the same layout design (I just masked new papers to the original layout and changed the elements), but focused only on meeting my son.  I like the way this lo turned out, especially the multi colored journaling, which I had never tried before. This is the first time I have used the photo that I turned into the background. It is a close up rose I took several years ago and turned black&white. It was also fun to pull photos from the last nine years, rather than only pulling recent ones.  (Credits: All papers and elements from ScrapMatters iNSD collaboration "Life's Little Surprises". Font: VTPortableRemington.)

Today is day 5, and this was by far the fastest layout yet.  Using a template made the design fast, as did keeping my embellishments to the bare minimum - something I usually have a hard time doing, but I felt this template needed room to breathe. (Credits: Template by In the Making Designs at Paper from Bright Papers by Jessica Sprague. Overlay from Sing for Spring by LivE at Fonts: LainieDay, Impact, and Century Gothic.)

I am hoping that this weekend I can find time to go back and complete the day 1 challenge, but with Scott out of town, there may be very little time.  We have a lot planned in his absence!  Gotta stay busy!

May 2, 2010

INSD Challenge Layouts, and the games continue!

I was able to participate in both challenges at this weekend. They were a little different from the regular weekly challenges in that both had time limits involved.  Let me tell you: scrapping with a baby in your lap makes tasks take so much longer than they should!  I was able to finish both in time, but resorted to using a template for the 30 minute challenge because I knew I wouldn't finish in time otherwise. 

The first layout had a 60-minute time limit and was about everyday miracles.  In my house, leaving on time in the morning is definitely a miracle!  (Supplies used: all papers, journaling block and silver sparkles from Songbird Avenue's April 2010 kit "Soar High". Staples from Katie Pertiet. Photo frame from Jessica Sprague. Fonts: One Fell Swoop, Happy Daze, You are Loved, and Century Gothic.)

The second layout had a 30 minute time limit. I did use a template, but added another strip of paper to the background because I felt it needed the extra pattern.  My scrap space has changed drastically over the years, from card tables and random shelving in a corner of the basement, to a corner of the living room with modular furniture, to the same modular cubes in the guest room, to both the guest room set-up and a TV tray in the family room with my computer and EHD.  I pretty much work wherever I can find the space!  The thing I love about this layout is that I used a brand-new-to-me kit that I purchase earlier yesterday for my son's first year album.  You would never guess from this layout that the kit is called "Bouncing Baby Boy"!
(Supplies used: All papers and swirly accent from RKDesigns ( "Bouncing Baby Boy" kit. Photo frame: LivE ( INSD freebie. Fonts: VTPortableRemington, Angelic War, and Segoe Print.)

In other news, the challenges continue at all this week.  Seven Days in May kicks off tomorrow with a new challenge posted everyday. I can't wait.  I have created pages about things I never would have recorded without the inspiration from these challenges.  Come take a look this week, and join in if you are inspired too!

Here's to hoping I can get some more scrapping in today...those two layouts above are all I have finished this weekend, though I have downloaded, unzipped, and tagged many new files! 

Bringing up the next generation

My daughter, Maggie, has been asking for some time now if she could scrapbook with me.  I tend to be a little possessive of my supplies though, hoarding them and often saving certain supplies for the "perfect layout," so was hesitant to let her have free reign of my traditional stash.  To solve both issues, I bought her some supplies just for her pet project.  She has spent the whole weekend putting together her first album. With a little instruction on how to use the trimmer, she was off.  These are her first pages from yesterday.
 As I am posting this, she is finishing up her album! Each page has at least one picture of the dog, some paper or sticker accents, and a hand drawn title.  She's a natural!

May 1, 2010

It's Officially {Inter}national Scrapbooking Day!

Today is {Inter}National Scrapbooking Day!  The sales, challenges, and freebies are in full swing today all over the Internet (and probably in real life too).  I've cleared with my husband to have a few hours to play without interruption, and a little bit of time to start my daughter on her first scrapbooking project too!  I have several stops to make today to pick up items on sale at, and a few kits I found at that are from a few different websites.  At, the games started Thursday night with a challenge assignment.  I'll be spending much of the day over there today too, as they have a new challenge that started last night, and chats with Jessica tonight.  Here's my take on Thursday night's challenge, which involved watching for little miracles throughout a 24 hour period, putting a layout together in under an hour, and doing it all by 8 pm Friday (here in Wyoming). It was a challenge, since I usually scrap after 8 (after the kiddos are in bed) and had to work all day Friday.  But I made it!

Credits: Papers, journaling block, silver sprinkles from Songbird Avenue's April 2010 collab kit "Soar High".  Staples: Katie Pertiet. Frame: Jessica Sprague. Fonts: One Fell Swoop, Happy Daze, You Are Loved, and Century Gothic.

Now I'm off to find more good deals!