Nov 13, 2010

Harvest Spice, Captured, and For the Love of...

The move is finally over!!! (Well, close enough that I choose to ignore that there is still one more load of trash at the old house, and there is stuff EVERYWHERE in the new!)  Here are some layouts I've done for Crisdam Designs over the last two weeks.

Kit: Harvest Spice by Crisdam Designs
Border: Doodle Do Page Borders by Crisdam Designs
This one uses a picture of my husband and his friends the night before most of them raced in a 24 hour mountain bike race.  One of these days, I'll put a mini-album together with more of the pictures he took.  There is another picture of them at a restaurant the evening after the race was over...a very different picture, indeed!  The excitement on their faces here is replaced with pure exhaustion.

Kit: November Grab Bag (Captured) by Crisdam Designs
When I saw the doodled words in this grab bag, I immediately thought of these pictures I took of my son several months ago.  He was just learning to push his chest off the ground, and I love the smiles I was able to capture.  A perfect combo, for the kit and the words!

Kit: For the Love of by Crisdam Designs
My daughter LOVES riding her bike, but I remember very clearly the day my husband decided to teach her to ride without training wheels.  Of course, I was there with my camera to catch the frustration and the success.  This photo perfectly captured the feeling of moment. Maggie was frustrated and a little scared, but all it took was a little pep talk and encouragement from Daddy, and she got right back up on the bike. By the end of the afternoon she was riding without training wheels, albeit a little wobbly.  I advertise to friends who have trouble teaching their little ones to ride that my husband has the perfect technique...a grassy hill and an afternoon was all it took to get our Nervous Nellie off her wheels!

Expect a flood of posts this week, as I catch up posting everything I've done since Halloween.

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