Jul 7, 2011

Project July

I could kick myself. It's now a little after 4, and I am just now sitting down to write this blog post. Why am I kicking myself, you ask? My 18 month old takes 2-3 hour naps everyday. The perfect time to write blog posts, create a page, pick up the living room. Really, it's the perfect time to get anything done that requires little hands to be somewhere else.  And I wait until 20 minutes AFTER he wakes up to sit down to write.  So I am going to keep this short, because otherwise, it isn't going to get done!

Crisdam Designs has a new kit out today, Project July. I love looking forward to each new Project installment each month, and this is no exception.

Project July Kit
Project July Alphas
Project July Bits & Pieces
This kit is perfect for events and themes in July and all year. I used it for a non-July themed page, inspired by the Week 27 Challenge at Log Your Memory. It was a perfect fit for the photo, and the quote bubbles matched the theme to a T.

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  1. I love, love, love that you made this a page. I laughed out loud, at work...while everyone was quietly working, when I saw it and read what Maggie said. This is one of my fav's just because of that. Great job, Rachel!