Jun 30, 2011

Timeless and Camping Adventures

My favorite designers each have new kits out this week. Danyale released "Timeless" on Thursday (which I guess I still technically today), and Isabel released "Camping Adventures" on Monday. I had a lot of fun playing with each, for completely different reasons!

First, with Isabel's fun camping kit:
Fam Camp and @ Night
created with Camping Adventures by Crisdam Designs

I had fun remembering this particular camping trip with our good friends.  We went a couple times together, once we even got to see the Thunderbirds practicing for graduation at the Academy!  On the trip these pictures were taken, we discovered that cheap Croc knock-offs were not good camping shoes.  While walking down to the stream near our campsite, Maggie managed to step on every cactus growing, and the spines went straight through the soles of those foam shoes.  :(

I also used one of Isabel's kits to make this page from our recent trip to Idaho.  We had so much fun visiting with old friends and spending time with family.  I actually rode a mountain bike. On a mountain. I may have to scrap that one in the future, because there is photographic evidence!  But in the meantime, I made this sweet page of my son and sister-in-law.

created with Project April by Crisdam Designs
Kit, Alphas, and Bits & Pieces
Template by Mye de Leon
I'm pretty sure I could find a similar pic of my daughter and SIL if I looked through my collection.  She's such a great aunt.  The kids love to play with her.

I have been drooling over Danyale's new release from the moment she started posting previews in the team forum.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one!  The colors are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the large scale paisley patterns.
All Dolled Up
created with Timeless by Etc by Danyale
Kit, Frame Walls, Wedding Add-on
I love the candid photos I've seen online of weddings and events that include these frame walls that I had to mimic the looks with my page. Mmmm....and that chandelier, LOVE it!!

I also took some time to be hybrid with this kit.  Well, I guess I really didn't go fully hybrid (on this project anyway), but I printed out a card with some of the other pieces of the kit and add-on. I have a wedding coming up that I might just use this card for -- unless I hit another creative streak!
Congratulations Card
created with Timeless by Etc by Danyale
Kit, Wedding Add-on (see photo above for links)
In the next couple days I'll be back to show off the other hybrid creation I made. This one was as a gift for a friend who is moving away. It makes me sad that she is moving, but I'm excited she is able to move closer to family.

Until then, Happy Scrapping!

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