Jul 12, 2010

Grand Ol' Fourth

Looking at my 4th of July photos this year, I wanted papers and elements that were full of stars, but didn't really want to go buy another kit (which always turns in to buying multiple kits), since I had just paid the bills the previous night and was feeling the pressure!  Since I wanted to use a lot of stars, and I knew Photoshop had some star shapes and brushes loaded as standard shapes, I decided to see what I could create.  I ended up with 5 papers and several elements that I was very happy with, and then used those items to create this layout. It took me a couple hours to put it all together, and some things still need a little tweaking to get the way I envision, but it was fun.  Fun in a "I'll do it once" kind of way. I'm not sure its something I want to do often, but every so often, when a color scheme hits me, or other such inspiration hits, it was kind of fun.  (It might also make it easier to justify a full version of Photoshop, since there were a few things I wanted to create but couldn't do in Elements.) So for  change, there are no credits on this layout, all elements were created by ME!

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