Jul 29, 2010

Is summer over yet?

No, I don't really wish for summer to be over. I am enjoying the time with both my kiddos home and the freedom to do as much or as little as I want on any given day. I ask if summer is over yet because for a change, the weather outside is comfortable -- which means I can stand to have the laptop burning into my legs, rather than it being too hot without adding the extra heat.  I have a few layouts from our recent trip. Three are from our stop in Washington, and one is from the stop in Idaho. 

First up, this layout from the beach.  I used to play at this beach when I was my daughter's age, so it was fun to see her playing at the same place.  Only the kids are brave enough to actually swim in the water though...it is the Puget Sound, so it's always colder than it looks! (Kit: Lazy Summer Days by Tempus fugit)

Next is one about my grandparent's 60th Wedding Anniversary.  I will have more layouts from this party later...this was just a quick overview page. (And if any of my family is reading this, check my math on the number of family members...I always get lost when I'm counting. :)  (Kit: Polar Opposites blog train by the designers at My Life and Scrap)

This quick layout uses pictures my mom took on the morning after the 4th of July.  She and Maggie had spent the night on the boat, and this was during their morning puttering, before my dad, John and I got there later in the morning. (Kit: Moment in the Sun by Connie Prince, Word art by Jennifer at World Art World)

Finally, from our Idaho trip, a layout about Johnny falling asleep so quickly we weren't prepared for it.  (Kit: Blue Night by Z Pink Boudoir, template by Kate's Digital Designs)

Hopefully soon, I will get to more of the Idaho layouts, but most of those pictures are still on my camera. I also have some pictures of the Thunderbirds, the Air Force's trick planes, flying over our neighborhood that I hope to scrap soon. 

After working on that last layout, I realized it had been a while since I had told a story completely on a layout.  In August, I am challenging myself to remember to focus on the story as much as I can, even if it means I don't use all the pictures I've taken.  It has been fun using so many different pictures, but the story behind those pictures are what will matter later.  Part of this was inspired by a new site I found this week (well, it's new to me anyway) called Log Your Memory.  The focus at LYM is to focus on the stories about real life.  I have great celebration pages with stories, but sometimes forget to scrap the everyday moments.  So in to August we go -- Maggie goes back to school, we'll begin to prep the house for our move, and I will focus on the stories. 

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