Jul 31, 2010

Cheyenne Frontier Days

(Kit: As We Know It by Sweet Digi Scraps; fonts: Bleeding Cowboys and Century)
It's that time of year, when thousands of people descend on Cheyenne from around the country to participate in the Frontier festivities.  This is our third summer living here, and so far we had managed to be out of town for all but a few days, and as such have avoided the crowds, the food, and the fuss.  Since we will be moving before next year's CFD, I decided to take Maggie (and John, though he won't remember) down to see what it was all about. She has asked to go every year, and every year we've found some way to convince her to wait until next year.  This year, I relented, and we headed to Frontier Park yesterday.  We spent most of the afternoon walking from the Indian Village, to Wild Horse Gulch (where there are a lot of vendors), and back to the Indian Village. We didn't actually go in to the park, but don't tell Maggie that means we didn't see everything there was to see!  Not knowing how long John was going to last in the heat and the stroller, I didn't feel like paying to get into the park only to turn around and leave. But we did see several neat performances at the Indian Village -- traditional dancers, storytellers, song-makers, drummers, and a flute maker.  It was a fun, exhausting day. And I was the only one who ended up sunburned.  Guess I need to practice applying the sunscreen more thoroughly to myself! 

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