Feb 25, 2011

Challenge Love

These are my most recent challenge layouts completed for the challenges at Log Your Memory.

Week 8:
Kit: Cold by Jen C Designs
Word Art (at the bottom) by Etc by Danyale
Fonts: Everyday Ghost, Freebooter Script and Pea C-Squared
Week 9 (which isn't until next week)...I'm ahead!:
Kit: Carefree by Crisdam Designs
Stitching by Crisdam Designs
The kit I used in the Week 9 layout is NEW today from Crisdam Designs.  I love the teal and block combo with pops of orange.  I'm hoping to use this kit again a couple times this week...but we'll see how much scrapping time I really get.

As part of the Challenge Team at LYM, I have to complete two challenges per month from the Memory Log Book. But in some aspects of my life, I am a bit of an overachiever.  This is one of those aspects.  I have been working hard to keep up with the challenges, completing all of them, in order.  Somehow last week, I forgot.  Completely. To complete the challenge.  I'm still trying to figure out how, but I missed week 7.  At some point I plan to make it up, but for now I am continuing to push forward and keep up.  Missing one is not a big deal unless I make is so, right?

Also on the Big News front, I've had my first layouts published.  As in, IN PRINT! Log Your Memory has just published their 2010 Real Life Scrapbooking Yearbook with inspiration for each day of the year gleaned from their gallery all last year.  I am so excited, and I need to go order my copy so I can see them.  My contributions are this layout and this one. The first layout is one that I lost in my computer crash, so sad because I love it so much!  But now I can see it in print, even if I can't print it out myself.  It's all good!

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