Apr 19, 2010

Results of JS Creative Team Search

Well, I didn't make the creative team this year. But I'm ok with that. The amount and caliber of talent in the applicants was phenomenal. I never really thought I'd make it, that voice of self doubt always screaming in my ear, but my husband convinced me to take the leap, and I am glad he did. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? I took a few things away from this experience -- 1) I am not very patient waiting for results, 2) I jumped in with both feet and took the risk, and 3) it caused me to start this blog. For the last two years I have made resolutions at the beginning of the year to have a layout published somewhere -- online, or in a magazine. For each of the last two years, I haven't even submitted a layout to be published, so entering this competition was a big step for me. I will be back next year, with my blog already set up and active, and new layouts to enter. I have had too much fun with this to give up so soon!

No new layouts to post. The whole family (minus the baby, thankfully) came down with a stomach bug yesterday that took us WAY out of comission. Needless to say, I did not feel like scrapping last night or at all today. I need to play catch up on my Type+Writer and Type+Writer 2 assignments...I have two layouts from the first class, and too many layouts from the second to catch up on! That will be the task for this week, I think.

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