May 29, 2010

Beginnings of a Baby Album...

I decided it was time to start my son's baby album -- since he will be 5 months old in just over a week.  It's about time.  That's not to say I don't have any pages with him as the subject, but I bought several kits to use specifically on an album project.  So now comes the task of actually using them on pages about a baby.    I am being systematic about this, in that I have a list of layouts I want to include and am checking them off as they are created or reworked. So far I have created three new pages (a two-page spread and a single) and reworked a few other layouts to match the colors in the baby album. The single page is the beginning of the portion that will have layouts from his first month.  There isn't any text on it because the stories will be told on other pages.  I want to have a page like this for each month, and using the photo template made it very easy to throw together. The two pager will have to be added to as the year continues, but I should be able to finish about half of the planned pages over the next month (ha ha) simply because I already have pictures for them.

I love layouts like this.  Some people use stuffed animals to show growth, we're using our dog.  Mostly because we didn't have a stuffed animal that was bigger than Johnny, and Stella shouldn't be growing any this year (unless she is growing out!).  Looking at this layout again, I need to get out and take the May picture...May is almost over! 

John's First Month credits: Template: Jessica Sprague Photo Templates V01.  Papers: Paper 3 and 15 from RKDesigns (Bouncing Baby Boy). Buttons: by Sweet Tomato Designs (Prince).  Circle: by RKDesigns (Bouncing Baby Boy) (altered). Fonts: LainieDay and LLRubberGrotesque.

Watch Me Grow credits:  Papers: Blue Star and Numbers by Sweet Tomato Designs (Dream On). Border strips:: Sweet Tomato Designs (Dream On). Tag: Jessica Sprague (recolored). Metal alpha from ScrapMatters collab (Life’s Little Surprises). Stamped alpha by iKari (Going Green). Fonts: Pea Catherine Anne

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  1. These pages are great! I love the Watch Me Grow page. I did that with both my kids too ... but using stuffed animals (like you said). I took a photo every month on their "birthday". What a fabulous show of how they're growing. I just looked at my daughter's Watch Me Grow pages this week (and she's 10 years old). What a wonderful memory for your son!