May 14, 2010

Last of the Week of Challenges

The end of the week of challenges was last weekend.  It was fun having a new challenge everyday, but I'll be honest, it's nice to feel like I can relax in the evening rather than be on a time crunch to finish a layout.  I've only done two layouts since the challenge ended, but I've also used the time to organize more of my stash (I'm not allowed to unzip any files unless I can tag them at the same time) and even went to bed early a couple nights!

I kept my last challenge entry pretty simple. The challenge was to use a photo with stairs.  Since I couldn't find any in my stash, I dragged the kids outside to take some.  Giant photo, a few outlines, couple stamps, and a title.  I really like the effect of switching from color to b&w and back as well as the blurred middle section.  Ooh, and my two favorite fonts.  (Or do I say that with all the fonts I use?)

Supplies used: Stamp: Stampin'Up Torn Edges.  Fonts: You are Loved and LainieDay.

For those of you keeping track, yes that was only five entries.  I never did go back and finish the challenge for day 1, nor did I complete day 7 (a hybrid card project).  I put day 7 together digitally, but never got up the motivation to get out of my chair, take the computer across the room, and hook it up to my printer.  Maybe I should get a wireless printer, then I'd have no more excuses.

And yes, there is no place like home.  There's no place like home. There's no place like...

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