May 24, 2010

Weekly Challenge - Week of 5/21/10

I finally finished my layout for the weekly challenge.  I had fun with this one, and spent a lot of time thinking about which "favorite" I would use.  I love these challenges, because if nothing else, I get one layout created a week! (And they are often layouts I wouldn't set out to create on my own.)  Have a great week! 


Template: Crystal Wilkerson Template 4
Papers: Striped, 2 polka dots, circles, diamond, solid green papers by Sweet Tomato Designs’ Prince kit. Paper used behind the green paper is from RKDesigns Bouncing Baby Boy kit (for texture)
Flower and Stitching by Sweet Tomator Designs (Prince Kit)
Coffee Stain by FRDesigns Ink kit
Fonts: Lainie Day and VTPortable Remington and Century Gothic

1 comment:

  1. I love traditions pages. It'll be fun down the road and see what was important at the time!
    The addition of the coffee stain is great!
    I do have to say ... I hope your coffee cup s empty when you set it on your laptop!!! =)
    OK, more ... I recognize the J&S forums!