Aug 1, 2010

My husband

(All papers and elements: Funky Fresh by Z Pink Boudoir; Fonts: Cry Kitty and Century)
I got some really good pictures of my husband while we were on vacation in July, which led to these two layouts. The layout above is fun because it shows how some things never change. In the 13 or so years I have known Scott and his sister, they have always teased each other good naturedly (and sometimes not so good naturedly). But as they've matured, that part of their sibling relationship hasn't changed.  When I suggested I take a picture of them while they were sharing the couch, both readily agreed, and sometime between the first and second frame, the bunny ears appeared. 

The layout below is one that caused a furrowed brow on the part of Scott.  I didn't complain though, I wasn't trying to take a picture.  The journaling reads, "It’s not often that you will smile in a photo for me. Usually you plaster a scowl on your face as soon as I turn the camera on. But here, in your dad’s house, you gave me a smile long enough to snap one picture, followed by scowls in the next four. However, I’ve known you long enough to watch for trouble..." It fit with the title I had in my head, to match the emerald green color (which is part of the monthly color challenge HERE), but it's also very true. 
(All papers and elements: Adequately Emerald by jusme digital; Fonts: Papyrus and Century)

Also, did you notice the new blog background and header?  They are part of a freebie template pack by Samceline.  The background came as it, and the header is just my own text with one of the free clusters on it.  I thought it was so cute that after I had tested it for Kirsten to make sure it fit properly, I decided to leave it up.  Thanks for the freebie, Kirsten!


  1. I love what you did with your blog Rachel! It's so fun!!!

  2. I love both of these LOs...especially the green one!