Jun 3, 2011

Back from the Dead, it seems

That second half of April, and all of May, really tried to kill me. Finishing up the school year is always stressful, and this year I added getting sick to my list of things to do during the last month. As a result of the magical combination of stressors, my poor blog was completely neglected.  I'm sorry, Blog. :(

But I was scrapping during my silence here, so I'll share a few of the pages I made and we can forget the giant black hole of posts that might have happened in May.

Follow Me
All supplies by Crisdam Designs
Project May Bits & Pieces
 I'm taking a class at Big Picture Classes right now called "Power Scrapping Digi-Style" taught by Katie Nelson, and Follow Me was inspired by the process Katie is teaching. I had already decided I wanted these photos on one page, and when I saw this template, the rest just fell into place.  I love the Project May kit, and have another layout I'll post with it later, but when I used it on this page, I only used the green, yellow, and black pieces, to compliment the photo. What I left out are the gorgeous teal and purpley pieces that are actually my favorites.  To me, this looks like a completely different kit without those pieces. But I love this page. We were on our way to the park, and it struck me how Maggie has adjusted to being a big sister.  She is such a big help to me and her little brother absolutely adores her.

Old Garden by Etc by Danyale
I took this picture while practicing for Portraiture 101 at Jessicasprague.com (um, yeah, I like to take a lot of classes).  I didn't quite get the lighting the way I was supposed to for the assignment, but I loved the moody look it gave to the photo.  I don't get many pictures of Maggie with pleasant looks on her face, as we are entering the moody-preteen phase faster than I could have imagined, but I liked the softness here. She was actually pretty excited to get to model for me.  I wanted the photo to have center stage on this page, so kept the embellishments pretty simple. This kit had the perfect colors for the photo, and I acutally blended a paper into my photo, erasing it from only her face (so she didn't look like her skin was peeling), which gave the wall behind her some great texture. I was super excited to open my email the day after I posted this page to find it had been chosen as layout of the day at Gotta Pixel.  Yep...super excited.
So Fast
My Everday Kit by Mye de Leon
 These are photos from that same shoot, and I actually put this page together before Grow. I used a template from Mye de Leon as part of Gotta Pixel's iNSD celebration that lasted through the month of May. The journaling refers to a similar topic as Grow, only it is more of me talking about how fast she is growing up. I don't know where the last 9 years have gone!
Sick Day
All supplies by Crisdam Designs

I made this page shortly after having to take three days off of school due to a missing voice and yucky cough. It was perfect timing, since Isabel released this only days after that whole episode happened. I had to keep it photoless, because let's face it, there are few photos of me anyway...I'm not taking one when I feel like crud.

Now that everyone in the house is healthy, and school is out... Bring on the scrapping!

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