Jun 5, 2011

Crisdam Designs

Yes, it may have been a quite six weeks on the ol' blog, but it was a busy time at home and in Photoshop. I was inspired by Crisdam Designs' kits to make these pages:

Books: An Interview with Myself
 This one came together pretty quickly, and was inspired by a challenge from the logbook from Log Your Memory. It was also noticed by the ladies at the Gallery Standouts blog, which blew me away. I don't know. I expect to see my pages on the designer's blogs, but when they are noticed elsewhere it gives me warm fuzzies.

Not A Puppy
Fluffy Kit
 I'll be honest. I have been waiting for this kit to be featured on Pixel Tuesdays pretty much since I started on Isabel's team. I have several other sets of pictures with John inside Stella's crate, and was just waiting for the chance to use this kit to show some of them off. I could easily make a righthand page to coordinate with all the photos I have!

Mom's Kitchen Kit
 This page was also inspired by a Log Your Memory challenge, to describe myself with one word. I took Isabel's retro kitchen kit, Mom's Kitchen, and made a very non-kitchen page with it. I think it is an important story to tell, and was reminded once again why I love this hobby so much, because these are the things I want to remember to share with my kids. Without my scrapbooks and the chance to record the memories as they come to me, I wouldn't remember the details (or the story at all, 'cuz let's face it, my memory is faulty!).

Waiting for Spring
 I love the look on John's face in this photo and the title says it all. Well, actually, if we could see through the window, he's watching Maggie and the dog play in the backyard...but he couldn't play because it was too cold.  So sure, he's waiting for Spring. Making the photo B&W against all that bright color really reinforced the longing to me. (And the color of his shirt just wasn't working.) These are my favorite colors, and I think the Project May kit is my favorite so far of the Project 2011 series.

Spring Ride
Spring Dream Kit
Spring Dream Alphas
Yes, the date on the photos is February, but it felt like a Spring Day. The weather has been so strange here this year that I could have a page called Winter Delight and the photos could be from May. But I had to take the chance to photograph Maggie doing what she loves, riding her bike, especially after a long winter without riding.

I *think* that catches me up on pages. I'm sure I'll find something missing in the coming days, but you get the idea of what went on creatively over the last 6 weeks.

I'll have a new post up later today directing you to my new side-blog-project-adventure-whoknowswhat. I took Jessica Sprague's Art of Digital Design class this Spring (also part of why I neglected my blog so badly), and some of my classmates put together a collab kit to raise money for the earthquake relief in Japan. Since we are all new designers, it took a little time to get the ball rolling and get pieces made (as evidenced by the fact that I didn't even have time to put anything together for it!), but it is now available in the store at jessicapsrague.com. There will be a blog hop starting tonight, and while I didn't contribute to the kit, I did get to make a quickpage from the pieces that were submitted. I will be hosting my portion of the hop at my new blog: www.foosamoon.blogspot.com. There is already some teaser information over there if you want to check it out.

As always, happy scrapping!

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