Oct 10, 2010

Logging 12-12-12

I try to keep up on the challenges at Log Your Memory because they serve as great inspiration for layouts that I otherwise wouldn't think to create. For example, last week's challenge involved today's auspicious date (hence the post date and time of this entry).  I took the 10-10-10 idea and projected a couple years out. On 12-12-12, my baby will be celebrating a birthday.  I can't believe how quickly time is progressing, and thinking about her age two years from now is even scarier.  I don't know where the time has gone, but know that the next two years will pass equally as fast.
Your Golden Day
Kit: Apple of My Eye by Mye De Leon
(I won this kit...thanks, Mye!!!)
Fonts: Love Ya Like a Sister and Georgia
Journaling reads: 12-12-12 will be a special day in our house.  You informed me of this earlier this week. In 2012, you will turn 11. We are now approaching your ninth birthday. I can’t believe it has come this quickly. In my head, this should be your “golden” birthday, rather than the year your birth date and age match. Today, you are energetic, humorous, curious, imaginative, precocious. You are a voracious reader, a creative writer, and a fantastic big sister. I know you will continue to be all these things in the coming years. What I don’t know is what new characteristics you will exhibit. The new interests that will absorb your attention. The new friends that will find their way in to your life. On 12-12-12, I know you will find yourself surrounded by people who love you. I can only hope that as you approach your teenage years, that you find yourself with little adversity and like the person you find yourself becoming. I know I look forward to watching you find yourself, whoever you decide to be.

On another note, this may the be first time I have scrapped a memory BEFORE it has happened. :)

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