Aug 28, 2010

New computer, new layouts. That's the way that works.

The computer came in last weekend in just enough time to download Photoshop before heading to a friend's house for a day of scrapbooking. I love, love, love it, and am wondering why I haven't switched to a Mac long ago.  I still lament the loss of my layouts that weren't printed and some photos, but I'm handling it pretty well, if I do say so myself.

Back to the scrapping -- Running herd on the baby curtailed the quantity of layouts that *might* have been produced, but I still got one and a half pages finished, both inspired by the same lyrics.  Since I have two kiddos, I couldn't make an inspirational page for one and not the other. :)
Rise Up Singing
Kit: JayBird Street by Dream Big Designs
Journaling reads: My sunshine, I can’t believe you are growing up so fast. In just three short days you will start third grade. You are reaching an age where my ideas and opinions are no longer the most important in your life. That realization fills me with both awe and fear. Awe because you are becoming an independent girl with her own path in front of her. Fear because I have stood in your shoes, and know the challenges that you may face as you walk your path. I can only encourage you, offer you my experiences, and hope and pray that your path may offer you good friendships, great learning, and a positive sense of self. Sometimes I wonder if I have given you the tools you need to grow into a happy, healthy teenager, but that it something I can not know until we reach the end of your teenage years. For there is no manual that explains how to raise a girl. No manual offering rules and guidelines for carrying the strong bond between a daughter and her mother from the early years of childhood into the turbulent teenage years. I know that you will wake up one day and feel the sunshine on your face. You will become a strong, beautiful young woman. Until that day, I am content to keep you as my little girl. My sweet sunshine.  (That's for you, Mom) :)
Rise Up Singing 2
Kit: First Dip of Summer by Samceline
Sorry, Johnny...I didn't journal on yours. :)
This week I've been playing with my supplies from GottaPixel designers in preparation for my guest month as a Creative Sweetie for Sweet Digi Scraps, in addition to participating in their regular Friday night speed scrap.  It's a great SS because the element of speed is only in your head. The chat goes so fast, I don't know of anyone who actually scraps DURING the chat.  Most wait til the chat is over, or even the next morning, though the second doesn't ever work very well for me.
Mom & Me
Photos from Maggie's first day of school
Kit: Spoonful of Sugar by Litabells Designs
Kit: Pass the Peas by Sweet Digi Scraps
I just noticed as I was posting these images up, that I only journaled on one out of the four...guess that means I'll be journaling on most of my layouts this week.  I already have the journaling written for one, just haven't been able to figure out how to build the layout around the text.

So more to come this week as the first week of September begins.  New designers to work with at MLAS, and my guest month at SDS...can't wait!!!

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