Aug 8, 2010

Where's the Story: My Manifesto (sort of)

Yesterday I said I had one more layout to share.  I felt like this layout was too important to lump in with all the others I had created over the course of the week.  Not because of who is in the photos, or which designers I used, but because of the purpose for sharing the layout.  The purpose for even creating the thing (a purpose that goes deeper than "because I was at a speed scrap"). 

Where's the Story? using "Watch Me Shine" by Litabells Designs:

I've noticed over the last few months that the number of layouts I've created with only photos, or very little journaling has increased, while the numbers of layouts that tell a story have decreased.  Friday night, while searching for photos to use in a speed scrap, I decided it was time to tackle a subject I'd been mulling around for a while. So rather than choosing three photos, as the instructions stated, I chose three layouts.  Two very recent ones (that I love) and one older one (that I also love). The difference in the older vs. newer is that the newer only contained photos and word art.  And maybe a date/location tag.  But no meaningful story. No why these photos are important. No method to my madness.  So with this layout, I vowed to tell the story more often. Beginning with this layout, I will tell the story more often. Because that is why I scrap.

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  1. Good for you Rachel. I like this layout. I too think it's really important to include the "story" behind the pictures as much as possible. I love journaling on layouts.
    It's a great challenge to yourself to journal more. Have you taken LivE and Jessica's Type+Writer class? I'm sure you'd really enjoy it!