Sep 14, 2010

Everyday Counts

Men @ Work
Kit: Everyday Counts by Sweet Digi Scraps
The new kit by Sweet Digi Scraps is quickly becoming a favorite.  Not only does it contain my favorite colors, but I love that little birdy, and the papers are great.  Add to it one of my favorite photos from my wedding preparations and you have an equation for a favorite layout!  

Journaling reads:
The last thing anyone expected to have to do on the day before my wedding was yardwork. That had all been done days earlier in preparation.  But Mother Nature had something else in mind when she sent the wind storm overnight that brought down a large limb from the tree in the middle of my future mother-in-law’s yard, the place we would be holding the reception the next day. 

Before the rehearsal, Papa, Dad, Joe, and Danny spent most of the day chopping up the branches and picking up leaves so the reception could flow out into the yard if needed. Four generations of men in my family worked together to help get things ready to add another member to our tree. 

I treasure this picture for many reasons. I love seeing the four of them working together. I don’t get to see my nephew often. And it was all done without complaint, without asking, because it was necessary.  It also makes me chuckle that three out of the four men are named Joe, in some form or other, but that’s another story completely. 

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