Sep 15, 2010

Secret Challenge

This week's challenge at Log Your Memory is to scrap about a secret.  It could have been anything -- whether I like secrets, am good at keeping them, secret regrets, secret get the picture.  I decided to scrap this layout because it involves a secret, or the lack thereof, and I think it's a funny story.  I'll let the layout speak for itself, which really means I'll post the journaling below. :)
Shhh...It's a Secret
Kit: Expecting by Isabel Mendez
Fonts: Pea C-Squared and Love Ya Like a Sister

Journaling reads:    
We always talked about being a family of four. But seven years after the birth of our first child, we still hadn’t had any other children.  We had talked about it, but it was never the right time. Finances weren’t good, or I just started a new job, or there was another move on the horizon.  Finally I decided there was never going to be a perfect time, so it was time. We didn’t want added pressure, so didn’t tell anyone we were trying.  Ok, fine, we told a couple friends.

After a year of not-not trying, in the Spring of 2008, I noticed I felt funny in the mornings, and sometimes after eating, and realized I may be pregnant.  I bought a test, and took it one morning before work, without telling Scott what I was doing. Sure enough, long before the three minutes were up, the little stick said “+.” Just to be sure, I took a second test.  Scott was ecstatic.  He was so excited and wanted to call everyone up right away.  Very few people knew we had been trying, so I convinced him to wait a little while to tell people. I also thought we’d call up our parents to let them be the first to know.

I should have known something was up right away when I got home from work. Scott was on the phone with the guys at the bike shop, which wasn’t unusual.  When he got off the phone, he said, “The guys say congrats!”

According to him, he only told two people -- J.R. (a co-worker friend) and “The Shop” as if “The Shop” was a single entity.  So much for that secret!!!

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