Sep 5, 2010

First Day of School: Remembered

On the first day of school, we had a lot going on. Maggie started third grade, and as of 8:15 am we weren't sure where her classroom was since we missed the Open House earlier in the week.  She knew she would be in the modular classrooms, but we wanted to make sure we were there early to find the exact classroom, since both third grade teachers are new this year, we couldn't use her knowledge of last year's class locations. On top of that chaos, it was also the first day, for me, that I was not going to work. This layout is really about my feelings about not going back to work for the first time in several years. It was also a great reason to use this kit from Sweet Digi Scraps called Three Rs. I love the colors and the colored pencil effect that several of the elements have. I also used the pre-made borders made to coordinate.  Not having to layer and shadow that whole left border was SO handy!

Kit: Three Rs by Sweet Digi Scraps
Border: Three Rs Border by Sweet Digi Scraps (Designs by Danyale)
Fonts: American Typewriter & Chalkduster
Sorry, Mom...too much text to post the journaling here.  I'll email the text to you if you want!) :)
I still have to make the pages with the pictures I took of Maggie on the first day. (Though those pictures were *really* taken the second day, since I forgot the camera on the first day!)

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  1. What a great page. I love a page that tells a whole story. I think it'll be a treat for the kids to read a letter like this down the road.
    Enjoy your time as a SAHM! Good luck with your move.
    Barbara (from J*S)