Jun 7, 2010

A Story of Flowers

I saw a layout today about planting flowers in memory of the author's father.  It made me think about the flowers that I have left for my childhood neighbors, and led to this layout.  Thanks to that inspiration, I have a two-fold benefit -- this story has been told, and I am one layout closer to actually finishing the Type+Writer layouts from this Spring.  I just wish I had a picture of me with the Johnsons that I could use in the layout.  Flowers from my mom's garden will have to do for now though. :-)

I also used a kit from Deena Rutter that is free at persnicketyprints.com as part of a layout contest.  I am trying to decide if this will be the one I submit or if I will create something else with the kit.  I do love these colors!

Template from Type+Writer (Jessica Sprague)
Papers, flourishes, and felt flower from Heirloom kit (Scarbourough Fair add-on) at persnicketyprints.com (Deena Rutter)
Fonts: Century Gothic, MaSexy, Palatino Linotype.

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful story and a great LO. I like your take on the flower planting page!
    I too need to finish my LOs for the Type+Writer classes. One of these days!
    I love getting inspiration from fellow scrappers!