Jun 18, 2010

Well, hi!

This line from Finding Nemo has been heard many times in my house this week thanks to a dear friend.  I thought it made for a fitting title for this layout I made during a speed scrap. Normally a speed scrap takes as much as two hours, one hour to get all the instructions in 10 minute increments, and another hour to put the final touches on the layout and upload.  Johnny decided that I didn't need that much time though, and before he was asleep, the first hour was completely up, all the instructions were posted, and I was down to one hour to work.  I got the layout done with 10 minutes to spare, but would have liked a little more time to find a better fitting kit.  Oh well, this one is new to me and I haven't used it much.

The journaling reads, "As Johnny lay on the couch one afternoon in May, Stella decided she also needed to sit on the couch. At first, Johnny didn’t notice the dog settling above his head. When he did, his eyes went wide and he spent a good long while staring at her, as if trying to figure out if the beast at his head was a threat or a game. He soon decided she was ok, and went back to scanning the whole room for action. These two are fast becoming best friends!"

All supplies by Rebecca B from Ruffy Saurus Romp at My Life & Scrap
Font: VT Portable Remington

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